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McDonald’s is one of the most popular and the best fast-food restaurant chains across the globe. It is famous and well-known for its burgers and other items like nuggets, fried chicken, and many more across each location worldwide. This largest fast-food chain is not possible to avoid and imagine without it. Apart from global success and fame, you can find numerous fun facts about McDonald’s restaurant. Some of them are listed below:

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Different Shapes or Names for Nuggets

We all know that McDonald’s heavenly bite-size nuggets are available to offer. But, some of them don’t know that they have some names for each different shape. The names are as follows: Boot, Ball, Bell, and Bone.

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McDonald’s Original Menu – Hamburger costs only 15 cents

On 15th May 1940, Mac McDonald & Dick started the first restaurant or outlet in Calif (San Bernardino). Currently, the McDonald’s hamburger was charged at one dollar but earlier it was only just 15 cents listed under the menu item. From the Big Mac to Fish Filet, the current menu will increase their varieties of food items to order. It is a simple thing with limited food options such as French fries, a cheeseburger, or a hamburger. In the early stage, they do not even have McNuggets in their menu.

Free Food for Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the McDonald’s Gold cardholders and earns to get free food. Some of them may think, they should become a billionaire for getting free Big Macs for their entire life. It is not sure how to get legendary cards for free food.

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Ronald McDonald is popular than Santa Claus

As per the report from the book of Fast Food Nation, most of the children across the globe can easily recognize Ronald McDonald with 96% when compared to Santa Claus. Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald’s claims that the young children were targeted by the clown.

McDonald’s Earns above $7.5 Billion Each Day

It is reported that more than 60 million customers are regularly visiting McDonald’s outlets or restaurants to accumulate this amount. They offer excellent support and high-quality service to impress the customers.

McDonald’s Employees – Attend Training at Hamburger University

Hamburger University is one of the most popular global training programs and estimated that 7,500 students will attend this program annually. McDonald’s records showcase that more than 80,000 employees will attend this global training program starting from 1961.

McDonald’s owned by the England Queen

The Royal Highness (the England Queen) has her own McDonald’s outlet operating near the Windsor Castle location. The Big Mac will be available in the bucket list ordered by the Queen.

Biggest Big Mac created by McDonald’s

McDonald’s created a gigantic Big Mac in April 2016 in Japan, where two burgers are essentially stacked on each other. It will be a novelty game and shared, reported by McDonald’s spokesperson to Time magazine.

World’s Largest Toy Distributor

Most of the children will request their parents for taking them to anyone of the McDonalds restaurants to purchase the latest Happy Meal Box toy that they watched the Nickelodeon commercial TV shows. It is nothing with Toys R Us for the legendary Happy Meal Box toys and Ronald McDonald.

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